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(CBS News) Bobak Ferdowsi's patriotic Mohawk - sported through the landing associated with Mars Rover "Curiosity" this past year - earned him the name "Mohawk Guy, " and gave NASA a serious dose of cool.

The MIT grad and NASA Mars Rover trip director, searching straight back over their year of popularity, from his 60, 000 plus Twitter followers to their invites towards the Inaugural Parade and State of the Union Address, said on "CBS today, " "It really is all-in framework. If I had been working at Starbucks, you wouldn't spot the tresses. Folks aren't always since in NASA. There is more men just like me working at NASA than a lot of people understand."

He added, "We're section of a generation where science is in fact a lot cooler than it used to be. I don't believe you'll determine if you were driving by a NASA engineer in the event that you walked outside any longer. We're not wearing the clothes and sandals of yesterday and pocket protectors. I believe it's great. For me personally, it's wonderful to type of represent that and state, 'Hey, you will be, you understand, what you may wish to be myself and stay an engineer or a scientist'."

To get more on "Mohawk Guy"'s rise to popularity, view the report below.

An element of the story of "Mohawk Guy" could be the real technology regarding the Mars goal and just what are coming in real human exploration of this world. Ferdowsi stated, "we found direct evidence that Mars was habitable in its past. It doesn't suggest there was life truth be told there necessarily, but meaning in the event that you place life here, it could have survived. Which simply blows my brain - the idea that there is two planets inside our solar system that could support life at one point. I don't know what this means, but I think it claims, 'that is variety of great chances there might be life in other places inside universe."

"I wouldn't just take one of those (tickets), " Ferdowsi said. "I kind of like my family and friends excessively. I wouldnot want to leave them behind."

However, he stated the project has "most great some ideas." He added, "there's lots of technical challenges, obviously, even as you saw around. The complexity of landing one thing - only a car on Mars, let alone houses and all sorts of the other things they will must secure, it's going to be difficult."

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