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Caring for Damaged Hair
  1. Trim away harm if at all possible. Looking after damaged tresses is an extended, tough process, and it will probably never ever return to complete healthier. If you should be maybe not prepared to reduce the hair quick, give consideration to trimming away split stops, a typical problem in damaged tresses.
    • Perform the trim every 4–6 days, getting rid of all of the split stops available. Making wrecked ends in spot cannot help your hair develop out.
  2. Exfoliate your head. To start the hair care objective, use a head planning to remove buildup from sebum and hair items. This may produce a healthier environment and supply nourishment to your head and hair follicles.
    • Besides removing sebum accumulation, good scalp preparation product provides hair-strengthening vitamins and soothes dry, irritated head. Ask a salon to recommend something like Scalp Prep.
  3. Protect the finishes of locks. Each week, seal away the ends of your locks with shea butter. For additional protection, sleep on a satin pillow, or with a satin or mesh scarf over the hair. Cotton or fleece pillowcases will pull your hair down and cause breakage.
    • If you have extra-porous hair, shea butter may makes hair feel limp and oily. Take to a light moisturizer as an alternative, or a light oil particularly jojoba oil.
  4. Image titled take care of Chemically and Heat Damaged African American Hair Step 3 usage leave-in conditioner every day. Leave-in conditioner restores oils without requiring water. Place this in your locks daily to encourage health and shine.
  5. Shampoo and problem on a regular basis. Minor, natural hair care and conditioner will help your hair recover from chemical overburden. Washing once weekly is preferred for most people with wrecked African hair.
    • Allow your own hair air-dry, or pat it dry with a towel. Cannot scrub or blow-dry damaged tresses.
  6. Apply necessary protein remedies every single other few days. Tresses harmed by color or relaxer is usually low on necessary protein. Once every fourteen days, apply a protein therapy to displace power. Follow label guidelines for most useful results.
  7. Every week, therapeutic massage a moisturizing conditioner into the tresses. Hold the hair on your head over steam to encourage the conditioner to penetrate your hair's inner layers. Put your tresses up and leave it in for about several hours, or overnight.
  8. put on a protective design. Cornrows, plats, or twists lessen harm from visibility. Even though you wear the hair straight down during the day, place your tresses in just one of these types before going to sleep.
  9. Brush and comb the hair on a regular basis. Workout tangles carefully, without yanking your own hair. Wrecked tresses breaks easily whenever combed dry, so include handful of conditioner or water.
    • For most useful outcomes, make use of a brush with rubberized bristles, such as for example a Denman brush.

Component 2

  1. Image titled take care of Chemically as well as heat wrecked African United states Hair Step 2 Reduce frequency of substance treatments. If making use of chemicals is essential, watch for as long as you can between remedies. If possible, wait for 2 inches (5cm) of new growth before the next application.
  2. Change to normal coloring representatives. Henna is a natural treatment that will color the hair on your head which help condition it at exactly the same time. Try out this instead of damaging hair with locks dye and bleach.
  3. Use heat protectant before all heat treatments. A quality heat protectant will reduce damage from heat. Add this to your hair before blow-drying, using a flat iron, or any other styling treatment that involves heat.
    • Try to find a heat protectant that also provides nutritional elements to boost shine and texture.

Community Q&A

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  • Just what services and products ought to be employed for most useful results?

    wikiHow factor

    Everybody's hair kind is different, and that means you have to select products based exactly how damaged your own hair is. However, there are many forms of home made masks that will assist you treat any damaged tresses: castor-oil mask, egg yolk mask and burdock oil mask. You could test out the masks and add olive and sweet almond oil to burdock oil and honey and bad ointment to egg yolk.

  • Image titled take care of Chemically and Heat wrecked African American Hair action 4How can I clean my hair without producing any pain?

    Comb your own hair in little areas. Begin from the recommendations, and work your path as much as the roots. Don't comb straight down through the roots towards the ends until the hair is totally tangle-free.

  • Just how do I repair damage if I have short hair?

    Condition it. Hold ends up trimmed. Style locks in protected hairstyles.

  • What may be the reason for negative changes to my tresses and head?

    Dryness as a result of weather changes; these take place without having the correct protection, due to stress, or even as a result of decreased adequate diet in your daily diet.

  • My locks is dry. Am I able to utilize a-flat iron daily?

    No you can't. If for example the tresses is dried out, the home heating tool will harm the hair, specifically with everyday usage. Instead, target working with remedying the dryness with deep training and oil treatments (you could make yours fitness treatments such olive-oil, coconut oil, avocado, etc.). Consider heatless locks straightening solutions to maintain your tresses healthy and delighted.

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  • Great locks begins from within so devour healthier and drink a great amount of liquid to help keep your hair moisturized.
  • Decide for a boar bristle brush, they don't tear and extend the hair on your head.
  • Go for a hair care, conditioner and hair oil without sulfates and petrolatum, which usually affect the hair.


  • Don't grease your scalp, since this can clog up your pores and induce breakage and damage.
  • Stay away from perms, hair dye, as well as heat. Allow your hair develop out obviously.
  • Ensure that your braids are not also tight, they strain your scalp and cause bumps.

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