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The title of this post sums up exactly what I’m gonna write on right here. Twitter is abuzz about a post on Curly Nikki, featuring a Q&A with a white girl known as Sarah speaing frankly about exactly how she's got discovered to embrace her curls. This apparently innocuous post features this girl musing about how exactly she’s learned to accept her surface, and doing anything from co-washing, hoarding products to resting in a satin bonnet to protect her texture.

Heard this before?

So a website which was begun by a black girl as helpful information to aid other black females with all-natural hair or those that were transitioning to all-natural hair made a decision to once again (I’m told it’s perhaps not the very first time a white girl was interviewed) feature a white lady discussing the woman curly hair. What’s more offensive is they performedn’t also affect the questions to account fully for the truth that Sarah never ever transitioned or “went normal.” However, Curly Nikki is a lot unique of what it once was. It’s now a brand had by TextureMedia, an organization that offers “dynamic personal platform that empowers & engages a multicultural neighborhood of feminine influencers – the greatest in the world of haircare.”


Anyway, I am beyond exhausted of witnessing white ladies propped up in rooms traditionally set aside for black women in an effort to add credibility to our issues. I’m sick and tired of witnessing making use of white women employed to interest the masses, as this does nothing but silence and eliminate the experiences and voices of black females. I’m sick of white ladies coming into black colored women’s rooms, in what they call an endeavor to understand and create solidarity, simply to use their particular privilege to dominate and disregard our plight because they work to bolster unique brand name.

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