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Troy Polamalu and Rogelio depicting dry wild hair from hair care usageHi Rogelio!

I recently wished to thanks for this web site and all sorts of the blog posts that you make to try and help folks just like me. I wanted to ask you for advice!

I’m a 18 yr old guy who has been fighting a curly afro-ish hair since ten years old. To tell you the truth we don’t even comprehend what sort of locks I have. It’s sort of dry and puffy. I tried plenty gels, mousses etc and simply cannot discover a way tips define the curls. It simply looks like a large Afro and I are a white man! I simply desired to understand what advice you might give me because styling my tresses is hell in my situation!

After some mesurements, my locks (from the center of my head) is 4.7 cm/ 1.8 inches. Thus I don’t really know for which section we fit in with. As for hair care, I shampoo two times a week with remedy shampoo (with sulfate) and a moisturizing conditioner. but any other day i simply damp my locks. I recently cannot get my locks to curl without looking like an Afro since it does lay flat but rises.

Thanks plenty

Miles (Montreal, Canada)

Hi Miles,

Glad to listen to you enjoy my website! Your issue is a type of one that I get individuals asking me personally for advice on and which is worth becoming published for other curly haired dudes to learn. Let’s kick it!

When I approach these types of questions, i enjoy recognize the issues very first, section them after which deal with each specific problem. For you personally, they are the difficulties that I see:

1) decreased ideal understanding on frizzy hair grooming

2) being unsure of the specifics of your own frizzy hair

3) not-being practical regarding the tresses and what you can achieve

Let’s address these issues, shall we?

This is a typical concern among curly haired guys (hey, I was such as this also). Whilst every and each male’s frizzy hair is unique with its own method, we are able to generalize on a number of subjects and something among these topics is grooming. Basically, your curly hair should not be dried out; this tells me immediately that one could improve your grooming. Dryness is the primary enemy regarding wearing a good-looking mane of curls and you should be preventing it without exceptions. Dryness also impairs the definition of one's curls hence making your wild hair look like a ball of frizz.

First of all, it is vital to find your optimal shampooing regularity. This might be crucial and I ramble on as well as on relating to this because I get bombarded with emails everyday asking me the thing I do in order to my wild hair to appear because it does, and I constantly state this: attempt to discover your optimal shampooing frequency. I have devoted a well known article to my no shampoo method and I also recommend you to definitely see clearly several times for those who haven’t done so already. You fundamentally like to experiment via learning from mistakes so as to find when it is time and energy to include a shampoo program inside grooming schedule. It could include every single other time to once weekly (and on occasion even monthly) you must discover your ideal frequency!

Anticipate puffy tresses if you haven’t discovered your optimal shampooing frequency!

You will be presently doing 2x few days which seems about suitable for the hair on your head length and curl type (i shall get to tresses length & curl types in detail 2). You're additionally incorporating in a conditioner on your shampoo day which is a great choice and which I suggest. The things I after that help you would be to raise the frequency of the conditioner used to almost every day. Mess around with conditioner regularity, conditioners are particularly challenging overdo in the place of shampoos so start using the conditioner everyday for the next 2 weeks and evaluate just how the hair reacts for this.

Similarly, spend unique focus on the manner in which you tend to be styling your frizzy hair. Make use of your fingers, never ever a brush or brush (unless you need to sweep the hair on your head, after that use an extensive enamel brush). I'd give you advice to utilize a leave-in conditioner since the base of the styling, then add oils or locks gel as desired. An excellent combo is to try using a leave-in conditioner to coat the hair (mid-shaft towards tips) you can add a pea-sized number of coconut oil/hair gel/styling lotion to the guidelines in order to enhance the definition of the curls. And remember, always type curly hair if it is moist, never when it's dry!

There are 2 components of your frizzy hair which you can understand now and which you can use to your advantage: tresses length and curly hair type. You need to know very well what is the locks size group and which kind of curl you have got, while want to know these objectively and not by firmly taking a guessing approach as much curly haired guys (and ladies) are cause do.

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