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Men’s hair clippers have actually positively be a standard element of every home, especially in today’s economic climate. You could ask what the economy has got to do with hair clippers. Really, possessing a locks clipper set is an intelligent cost-effective choice because instead of visiting your barber or hairdresser hair salon every month to get a haircut, you are able to reduce the hair on your head without leaving your property. Plus, your budget should be delighted.

You already know that deciding on the best locks clipper is not simple at all, right? It entails slightly analysis, particularly when it comes to popular brands, models, and accessories and attachments included. Speaking of which, blades and guide combs would be the main accessories you ought to take into consideration. Fortunatelly, we currently done the study on this site – so you don’t have to!

Having multiple guide combs and blades is certainly one criterion when it comes to selecting the most appropriate tresses clipper that’ll satisfy your hairstyle. So, it’s advisable for you yourself to understand the figures in locks clippers sizes and their particular equivalent size since these numbers are very necessary for getting different size variations of the hair.

Hair clippers have flexible length configurations and detachable size guards to enable you to cut the hair on your head in a consistent size effortlessly and rapidly. These protections are typical numbered and every number correlates to a particular length. Even though the protections tend to be standardized, you might find a small difference from a single design to another.

Among all hair clippers, you will find three huge brands we’re all knowledgeable about – Oster, Wahl, and Andis. Each clipper from the significant brands uses either guide combs or removable blades, and in addition, various brands have different clipper knife or guard figures. But don’t worry; you know we make things easier for you, so we’ve created an inventory with common clipper blade and guard sizes.

Oster Hair Clipper Sizes

Blade Guide Comb Size (inches) Size (mm)
00000 1/16 0, 2
0000 1/8 0, 25
000 1/4 0, 5
Modified 0A 3/8
0A 1/2 1, 2
1/5, 8 2, 4
1A 3/4 3, 2
1, 5 7/8
6, 3
3, 5 1, 25 10
3, 75 13

Wahl Hair Clipper Sizes

1045 UMC*
0, 4
0, 6
0, 8
1, 8
2, 8
3, 8

*Universal Multi-Cut: Please note that Wahl #1045 is a universal knife for every single corded tresses clipper. Wahl Competition Series Blades will come in different sizes when compared to Andis and Oster.

Andis Hair Clipper Sizes

0A F/D
5, 3
9, 5

Take note your Andis Hair Clippers Combs fit MBG, BGCL, BGRC, BGR+, BGC, and BG.

You do realize whenever you’re cutting your own hair, it's what you leave in your mind that matters, not everything you remove, appropriate? So, yeah, learning about the comb quality length is of an utmost relevance because also one millimeter makes an enormous distinction.

Therefore, how to choose suitable clipper dimensions?

Really, it mainly varies according to the design and magnificence you’re going for. Whatever knife or clipper guard you are going to pick, be sure it corresponds aided by the design you need to have. If you’re opting for haircut buzzed near to the scalp, choose a little dimensions clip with a little quantity upon it. Going for a longer hair? Go for a big clipper dimensions.

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Hair clippers tend to be simple and safe to use for both men and males, and you simply can’t mess-up your hairstyle while using the all of them. But if you’re that clumsy, don’t stress; all things are fixable. You can even try out your own hair quite, but whatever you do, you must learn to use the right hair clipper dimensions for the style you desire. As you can plainly see, the sizes range considerably, and so it is better to know ahead of time exactly what can you expect.

Keep in mind: constantly decide on a clipper dimensions this is certainly a little more than you’ll need because you can get reduced whenever you wish. You realize the saying: measure two times, but cut as soon as.

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