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African American hair color chart

African United States,
Normal and Chemically Calm Hair

Would you work with a primarily African-American customers?


If you don't, do you need to hone your skills in this specific expertise to be able to open up another whole new marketplace section of business within salon?

As publisher and creator regarding the Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert Educational Series, it brings me great enjoyment to expose you to this brand-new, GROUND BREAKING book.

This guide is made to not only coach you on how to color normal and chemically calm African United states hair, but also as a guide book that you simply keeps with you within beauty salon on a regular basis.

This is basically the first guide within the HaircolorTrade Secrets Series for which i've asked other haircolor specialist, Mr. Paul Chambers, to co-author beside me. My purpose for this is personally i think that nobody is able to be a professional at everything (Not even me :-/).

For me, in order to be a professional at some thing, you have to do it everyday, the entire day, for an extended time of the time. Here is the sort of expertise that Paul brings to the celebration.

I invested years seeking just the right individual co-write this book beside me and my tenacity repaid. Paul has a great deal of knowledge in this area, in which he in addition shares a passion for training it, when I do. I simply couldn't have requested an improved companion within the creation of this incredible guide.

The Reason Why I Wanted To Write This Book

After composing my other books into the Haircolor Trade tips Series, there clearly was a glaring omission, the African-American customer! Not that we purposely neglected this subject, but as I said already, I didn't feel that I happened to be a professional about this subject.

But i must say i believed there clearly was a powerful significance of better haircolor knowledge on this topic due to the difficult nature of using this extremely fragile and delicate tresses type.

Also, due to the fact that often times when working with African American clients, you're going to be working on top of “chemically relaxed” hair, which simply adds to the complexities for the process.

It really is my hope that this guide offers the tools you must know this complex specialty also to create your self-confidence in doing these services.

Under is the Table of items, showing most of the topics about which you will understand in this 145-page book.

What You Will Learn inside Guide

• Introduction-5
• a synopsis for the Coloring Process -6
• principles of Texture and Porosity -13
• Understanding the pH Scale -17
• The Theory of Haircolor Cannot Change-21
• 10 most significant rules of Haircolor-22
• Gray Coverage Rules Do Not Change-40
• The 5 Variables of Coloring African-American Hair-48
• Variable #2-2 KINDS OF TEXTURE -54
• Adjustable #4-5 STAGES OF POROSITY-65
• adjustable #5-3 forms of CHEMICAL RELAXERS-75
• The Distinctions Between Ammonium Thiogylcolate and Hydroxide
Relaxers -78
• Three skills of Hydroxide Relaxers minor, Regular & Super -86
• pH of Chemical Relaxers-87
• Pre-treating Chemically Casual Hair for Color-88
• Knowing the Formulation Charts -92
• Haircolor Selector Grids and Hair Classification Charts-95
• Group 1 – Natural Curl Texture Charts-101
• Group 2 – Chemically Relaxed Texture Charts-117
• After Care - Haircare Items -133
• After Care Retailing -139
• At Home After-Care Maintenance Recommendations -142

The Book is divided into 3 Different Sections

1st area is overview of the 10 most crucial rules in Haircolor together with Rules of Gray Coverage. These Laws and Rules not to transform with ethnic source or hair surface.

We have included them here to make certain that no real matter what your present background, understanding or knowledge about haircolor was to this aspect; you want to ensure that we're on the same web page before we move ahead in your training.

Inside second portion of the book is where you will discover the distinctions, that you simply should try to learn when working with African-American locks as oppose to other locks kinds including Caucasian or Asian locks.

We call this section:

Comprehending the 5 Variables of Coloring African-American locks
They have been as follow:

1. The Hair’s All-natural Colors

2. 2 forms of Texture

3. 3 kinds of All-natural Texture

4. 5 Stages of Porosity

5. 3 Types of Relaxers

It is crucial which you have actually a thorough comprehension of these 5 factors before shifting to actual formula concepts.

In this section we'll make suggestions Step-By-Step through understanding of Texture, Porosity and Chemical Relaxers, tending to play an enormous roll in generating beautiful haircolor from the African-American customer.

And, eventually, inside 3rd portion of the guide we intend to present a small grouping of Grids and Charts that may take all for the guesswork from Formulating Haircolor for African-American customer.

Inside area of the book we intend to provide you with a Foolproof System to formulate haircolor for every single conceivable haircolor procedure you are going to ever before encounter using the African-American client.

It’s a known matter of fact, you really won’t even have to learn just how to formulate haircolor because in this section of the book,


Paul in Action
@ The Orlando Premiere Show

Discover a saying:

Give a person a fish and you'll feed him for every day,
Teach a person to seafood and you may feed him for life.

In this guide, we'll teach you how exactly to seafood

This implies, we shall educate you on everything you need to know to make a reasonable, informative option in deciding upon a haircolor formula for the consumers.



This means within the 30 charts within guide, we shall virtually give you over 200 haircolor formulations you could just copy and make use of or alter while you want.

That is an entirely New and Revolutionary Concept in a Haircolor Educational Book

There has never ever already been a haircolor training book that concentrates 100percent on requirements of the African-American Client, stage, let-alone the one that makes use of the device APPROACH that individuals offers inside guide.

Below i will offer you a SNEAK PEEK
at just how the device Works


Exposing the:

Haircolor Selector Grids
Hair Classification Charts

Inside part of the guide, we'll present two sets of charts:

Group 1 – All-natural Curl Texture Charts
Group 2 – Chemically Casual Texture Charts

At the beginning of each selection of maps, there are the Grids below.

Haircolor Selector Grids

Within each grid you will see 15 bins that will represent the 15 charts because team.

Such “NT-1 or CR-8”


The “Number” after these letters indicates which HAIR CLASSIFICATION CHART you need to visit, to get the remedies


After you have found the appropriate HAIR CATEGORY CHART, all you have to do is go through the first line and choose your DESIRED COLOR, after that see the guidelines off to the right of the color.

The 2nd column labeled “Pre-Lightening required” will suggest in the event that you will have to pre-lighten or otherwise not to experience the required shade. If pre-lightening is needed, there are our recommended item. If Pre-Lightening is certainly not necessary, it'll state N/R for not advised or otherwise not Necessary.

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