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Best hair Silkening products

We visited another salon away from Miss Jessie’s and claim doing your Silkener™ treatment. We have no curls left. Exactly what moved incorrect?
Sorry about your bad experience. Miss Jessie’s Salon (Soho, NYC) may be the just authorized hair salon to execute the Silkener™ today.

Retail places carry the skip Jessie’s products just (CURLY PUDDING™, CURLY MERINGUE™, CURLY BUTTERCREME™, BABY BUTTERCREME™, RAPID RECOVERY™, STRETCH SILKENING CRÈME™, FAST CURLS™, CRÈME DE LA CRÈME™, CRÈME DE Los Angeles CURL™ and SUPER SLIP SUDSY SHAMPOO™). They are not trained or accredited to offer the Silkener™ as a service.

What's The Silkener™?
The Silkener™ is a trademarked chemical strategy created and created at Miss Jessie’s Salon. To tweak existing curls, kinks or waves, target shrinking, turn kinks to curls, fight frizz, and work out tresses much more workable. It is a great solution the individual interested in putting on both right and frizzy hair with out permanent straight-style commitment.

What is the substance utilized in Silkeners™?
Sodium hydroxide.

How could be the Silkener different from a Texturizer?
The outcome. The Silkener™ is a custom solution designed to accommodate the unique needs regarding the individual's texture. Main-stream texturizer practices usually leave clients with arbitrary results (sometimes under processed or over-processed forcing you into a relaxed right state).

Just how is a Silkener™ not the same as a Relaxer?
The choices. A relaxer is prepared to remove all curl and surface for a straight outcome only. A Silkener™ was designed to accept texture via adjusting or modifying curl, kink or revolution. The Silkener™ also produces curly and straight choices for the average person interested in both.

Could be the Silkener™ comparable to a relaxer or texturizer?
Like a relaxer or texturizer, the Silkener™ is a chemical besides. The safety measures are exactly the same to prevent a sensitive scalp nevertheless the end result differs from the others.

May I expect a great Silkener™?
You may expect our very best work. It is unusual for any two curls to-be a similar but we are able to get a 'great' outcome. To date there's no such thing as a perfect Silkener™ because of the numerous factors mixed up in procedure (your normal surface).

After I have my 1st Silkener™, when do I come in again for upkeep services?
For the majority of, every three or four times a year. But maintenance can differ from person to person depending on the hair texture.

Can I damp my tresses with a Silkener™?
Yes. It is possible to re-wet hair without your curls returning to its normal shrunken condition.

I've a 'z' formation/pattern. Exactly What Do We anticipate from a Silkener™?
You could expect the Silkener™ to stretch out and elongate your present surface. You most likely won't get a ringlet curl structure considering your present development. Nevertheless Silkening™ service may be very of good use if your hair is extremely dense and you have plenty of shrinking.

I have a relaxer. Exactly What Will my transition procedure be like easily wish a Silkener™?
You need to grow at the very least 4-6 ins of all-natural tresses. Braids are a good choice to maintain your mind from the developing out phase. If you're maybe not concerned with size, a closely cropped barber slice will instantly just take you from a relaxer state.

Just How Much new-growth do I Would Like for a Silkener™?
Grow at the very least 4-6 inches of natural development for the 1st Silkener™.

How are you going to know what style of curl I will or will not get?
It'll be discussed and determined in your consultation.

Type smart, what's the difference between normal vs. Silkener™?
Natural hair could be a great deal more manual than Silkener™ addressed hair. You could get Silkened™ locks wet without going back to a naturally shrunken condition.

The reason why might some body come to a decision for a Silkener™ if they could possibly get a fantastic result with Shingling™?
An individual might convert to a Silkener™ for ease and manageability of handbook time invested (combing, shampooing, using product, dryer time) to attain the appearance desired. (muggy/moist/wet environment = shrunk straight back locks).

If Silkener™ is really great, do you know the great things about keeping natural?
No commitment. Becoming all-natural for many is glorious and liberating amongst other factors. Chemical services aren't for everyone

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