Hair Products For Afro Curly

Hair products for afro curly hair

General Kinky Textured Hair Extension Care

We want to keep it 100 with your customers.

Our natural hair texture is pretty unique. So special, its an arduous texture to duplicate on another ethnicity's hair texture. Our designs 100percent virgin Asian locks processed to our kinky textures.There are not any kinky right or afro kinky curly females chopping their particular tresses down for weave. ;0)

Therefore, our hair undergoes a specific vapor procedure to really make it seem like our locks. As a result of this processing, our textures had been designed to be used within their normal condition - hawaii you will get them in.

Example: if you wish to put on your own hair bone directly constantly, please buy light yaki as opposed to level work coarse yaki every single day.

Our strong recommendation is that the less you are doing into the tresses, the greater amount of longevity you will get from their website.

Just be advised your using exorbitant and/or high temperature, usage of products containing alcohol, bleaching or dyeing of hair may alter as a result's normal state.

Take note the information listed below are basic directions & tips. As a result of the nature associated with the product, tresses which has been slashed from different donors, every bundle of locks will respond in a different way to different services and products and tools. Listed here are suggestions according to our knowledge and input from a large number of customers. Please make sure you research and test different products to decide what is going to work best for your needs & your extensions.


A guideline to follow with regards to looking after your KCY right locks may be the less you wet/wash them the greater! Now we're maybe not saying to not clean your kinky straight, coarse yaki or light yaki, preferably, scale back on hairspray as well as other tresses services and products to avoid product build-up regarding the extensions to avoid less washes. All locks extensions tend to be basically "dead" tresses, meaning, since they are not-being provided nourishment just as if it were developing out of your scalp.

Which means this indicates it's your responsibility to produce the security and nourishment to your extensions so that they are very long lastingly gorgeous!

  • Essentially, put in on a upart or complete wig (this assists increase longevity)
  • If heat is used, (not advised for regular usage) make use of a temperature protectant
  • Seal wefts with KCY weft sealer with sealant to cut back getting rid of
  • Don't cut or sew thru wefts
Advised measures - detangle, co-wash (cleansing locks with only conditioner) air-dry, design to inclination. Minimize the amount of temperature used.

DETANGLING - Use fingers to dry detangle completely, then use big enamel comb. Utilize paddle brush to smooth hair, design as desired.

WASHING - cleansing the hair with hair care usually will strip the expansion of moisture and dry it out faster. o-washing is strongly advised. however, should you believe the requirement to wash tresses as a result of device buildup with hair care, kindly follow these tips: detangle. utilize a clarifying hair care throughout hair. USUALLY clean locks in a downwards motion. massaging locks collectively can cause it to tangle. Rinse locks thoroughly.

TRAINING - Once hair has-been completely rinsed, use a substantial quantity of moisturizing conditioner. Use broad tooth brush to circulate conditioner. Rinse completely. This method works extremely well for co-washing. Additionally, it is advised to deep condition hair at every 2-3 weeks

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