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High Top Fade Styles

25 Tall Top Fade Styles

Desiring a brand new, fresh look that conveys the fashionable man you're? The large top fade haircut is just one of the hippest slices from previous decades making an awesome come-back. From old-school large tops with additional height to spikes that stand on end, this fade is all about flexibility. Take a look at the coolest 25 high top fade styles similar to the 80’s and 90’s.

1Designed High Top Fade

Incorporating styles only beneath the top of large fade is a certain way to have a get noticed style. Modify your own personal design or let your barber exhibit your most readily useful functions. Very long, turned locks add even more height.

2High Top Taper Fade

Combine haircuts from days gone by with modern-day types generate a unique slice only for you. Set a vintage high top fade with a neat fade for an enjoyable and cool look.

3High Top Fade with Blonde Patches

Emphasize your large top fade with blonde spots for a bold look. Blonde has been around this season, but you can pick radiant colors like purple or pink for the locks. For a daring look, go for the multi-color patchwork.

4Retro Tall Top Fade

A pompadour appearance can be crafted through a retro large top fade this is certainly reduced towards back. Shape is the centerpiece with this cut that is ideal for dapper men.

5High Top with Stretched Hairline

Having a thick head of tresses is an excellent feature that will help you create a tailored appearance. Including a shaved part to continue your hairline and area from the large top through the fade is a neat feature.

6Company Logo Design

Display your enthusiasm for activities with a design of your preferred sportswear etched in to the back of the head just beneath your high top. Make your haircut all of your own and craft an original design to showcase your passions.

7Classic High Top Fade with Component

Exude self-confidence with a classic high top fade haircut with just a touch of contemporary additions. Hair just isn't refined all the way around maintain this slice from being too retro. A-sharp part produces a contemporary look.

8Natural Top Fade

Your natural hair is good for high tops. Your hair’s surface supplies the amount and length needed for an awesome appearance when combined with faded sides. Regular cuts ensure the straight back is smooth and flawless.

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