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In February, #blackinasia typed an article, “Ancient Egyptian “Blackness” when you look at the Graeco-Roman Imagination”, in line with the ancient Egyptian race “controversy”, a long retained discussion that takes root from anti-black racism (Martin 300-306), that rejects any probability of seeing ancient Egypt within an African context. This “controversy” has led ancient Egypt is grouped under a near Eastern framework, a European framework in popular culture or a team of its own, entirely split from the rest of African cultures (Martin 296). But what usually goes mostly ignored could be the Afrocentric elements ancient Egyptians used in portraying on their own.


[image information: a model of a funerary motorboat from a tomb at Beni Hasan. 11th-12th Dynasty with figurines putting on Afro-like styles]

In #blackinasia’s essay on “blackness” in old Egyptian, he describes that the old Egyptians would more likely see themselves more as an African men and women than whatever else through their particular social, linguistic, and biological history. #blackinasia begins with describing their particular ancestral homeland, the Land of Punt, that is based in modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea. He then continues on toward biological similarities involving the ancient Egyptians and Nubians (who are acknowledged as black Africans). After that onto just how in ancient Egyptian art, Egyptians are depicted in brown and black colored colors. He later concludes the essay using what is regarded as “blackness” through Graeco-Roman perceptions, listing even more examples where Greek scholars imagined Egyptians within an African context.


[image description: a map associated with the continent of African with Egypt highlighted and label revealing it’s place]

I very first would like to paraphrase Eglash and Odumosu (102) whenever I say that Africa does not have a homogenous tradition in anyway, which is not to state there one African identity, therefore instead i personally use the definition of “African context”. Once I discuss an “African hair culture” it really is to simplify a complex phenomena describing a family group similarity across several cultural channels.

s #blackinsasia mentions there are several social roots of ancient Egypt that better portrays them as an African men and women than ancient near east or European individuals. I think there are actually several types of just how it is culturally real. 

but with regard to the motif for this blog site, in this article we believe through close study of the real history of locks and hairstyles in ancient Egypt a pattern of similarities is seen with African countries plus undeniable fact that such social hair methods is only able to be native to an African framework.

[image information: a side-by-side comparison between a Himba child and Ramesses II as a young child to show a social similarity where its rather common for assorted African individuals to shave their infants’ head, often making a tuft of tresses. (Seiber and Herreman 56).]

Hair Texture of Ancient Egyptians

[image description: an imaginative depiction of Herodotus, known as the “father of history and travel writing.” Picture through the Telegraph)

The ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, defines hair regarding the ancient Egyptians as woolly utilising the term (οὐλότριχες), ulotrichous consequently woolly or sharp tresses. The basis term, οὐλό, even offers been employed by Greeks to also explain the hair of Ethiopians, or black Africans (Snowden 6). Addititionally there is Cleopatra’s attendant, Iras, who is called being dark-skinned with woolly hair (Snowden 15).

image image image theancientworld:    Canopic Jar Lid, brand new Kingdom, Dynasty 18, belated reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1340–1336 B.C.Egyptian; From KV55, Valley for the Kings, western ThebesEgyptian alabaster with glass and rock inlays     Egyptian wigs will always anything I’ve discovered fascinating.  This can be a really beautiful representation of 1 in a pretty stunning method!  ALABASTER!

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