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alternative design and job searchJoe asked on Snagajob’s Facebook:

“Can tasks truly discriminate against myself as a result of my hair? I have dreadlocks, and I’ve heard it looks unprofessional, or its too much time, but I could put on a tresses web or hat – plus We saw females using the services of lengthy locks.”

While dreadlocks should not stop you from getting employment, you will need to make sure that your hairstyle is clean and controlled no matter how you put on your hair. Remember that maintaining an expert picture by carefully selecting everything you wear for interviews is also more essential than typical once you decide to express yourself through design alternatives.


I have a tattoo, however won’t capture me showing it off in interviews. it is on the top of my foot, when I’m putting on my $14 interview suit and heels it is incredibly apparent (see photo at right) – that’s why We invest an extra 20 mins wearing tattoo cover up and making sure it cann’t show. I’m fortunate to operate in an ink-friendly environment, but when We arrived into talk with all of them about the task it absolutely was entirely covered with makeup products. As soon as, we put-on tattoo coverup and an interview outfit in order to drop-off a reference letter. The Reason Why? Since there ended up being a chance I’d be witnessing the hiring manager once I stopped by (which was actually what I had been longing for). We don’t believe my tattoo is questionable or unpleasant, but We don’t desire interviewers to spotlight certainly not my qualifications.


One opening per ear is safe, but avoid wearing big earrings that distract the interviewer. Beyond that, take-out any extra piercings as you are able to. I've several extra holes in my own ear, however for interviews I go one stud per earlobe – period.

Facial piercings tend to be distracting at the best, and against company plan at the worst. And pressing your tongue piercing against your teeth whilst you nervously ponder an interview question is annoying to the interviewer – and harmful to your smile.


No matter how you choose to wear the hair, be sure it really is clean, controlled and from your face. If you are applying for food service opportunities, this will be additional essential, but it’s advisable that you remember for just about any meeting. You prefer the interviewer to keep in mind your awesome follow-up interview concerns, maybe not the method that you wear your hair or the method that you couldn’t end messing it.

Hair shade

Unnatural tresses colors (green, blue, green, etc.) are going to be a concern for some the majority of employers. I'm sure some gifted people with alternate hairstyles (my last supervisor had green locks, and a detailed friend of mine is an art director with hot green tresses), however if they certainly were task searching they’d tone it straight down with a far more all-natural shade. If you do not can find work with an employer who can see your alternative style as a confident, you will need to ask yourself what’s much more important – hair shade or your opportunity to land the job.

You'll not be also cautious when you’re attempting to make an excellent effect. Personal appearance is empowering, but and soon you’ve arrived a job with an employer whom appreciates special individual expression (or you’ve be successful adequate to get yours business), it’s better to let your qualifications, perhaps not your individual design, be noticeable through your task search.

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