How to make African hair longer?

Method 1

Starting Out
  1. Choose the style you desire for the afro hair. Once you know the design you will be going for, you are able to find out the ultimate way to attempt to attain it. You will want to determine if your desired style will demand that develop or cut the hair on your head. In that case, it is advisable to trim hair ahead of time which means you have actually less locks to change into your afro look.
  2. Trim or grow your hair to the desired length. Generate an afro with right hair, it is best to focus on at least 4-6" of size. The hair on your head has to be for enough time to braid or devote curlers. In the event your hair is longer than 12" in length, you may want to cut hair in the event your goal is to achieve an afro that stands up.
  3. Wash hair together with your regular hair care. Rinse your hair completely. You should start with clean tresses that's free of oils. Clean hair will help you work with your own hair whenever placing it in braids or rollers.

Process 2

Perming Method
  1. Get a perm at a salon. Take notice of the practices the stylists use. View how they put the curlers inside locks. Note the length of time the chemicals are now being used. Using this information, you'll be able to get a perm system at the store and properly give yourself a perm home.
  2. Request the smallest possible curlers. Your stylist use a series of plastic curlers to provide you with a perm. Tiny curlers would be best to create the tightest afro. If curlers are too huge, your perm will only attain a wavy look as opposed to the afro appearance you might be choosing.
  3. Wait a couple of days to permit the perm to stay. Don't clean or brush the hair for a couple of days just after your perm. Letting the perm settle may help the effects associated with the perm to go longer and maintain your locks healthy.
  4. Comb-out your curls with a wide-toothed pick brush to separate the curls. The target is to take it easy the curls adequate making it possible to backcomb.
    • You are able to make use of your fingers to carefully split the curls.
  5. This can more split the curls and give your own hair a fuller afro appearance.
    • Hold a small section of locks tight along with your fingers. Smaller areas could make for greater amount in your locks but will take quite longer to do.
    • Utilize a fine-toothed brush to gently comb hair downward toward your scalp. Utilize just enough stress to produce some tangles, yet not plenty your locks breaks.
    • Repeat until the area gets the desired amount.
  6. Style your afro. Abandon your combs! Shape your afro tresses along with your fingers and a pick brush. Only apply hairspray to assist it hold if required. Since frizzy hair has a tendency to get dry, you can easily apply shea or coconut butter on a regular basis to hold the hair on your head hydrated and glossy.

Method 3

Braiding Technique
  1. Component the hair on your head into at least 6 or 8 much sections, going from your own forehead back to your throat. Utilize a comb to quickly attain an exact part. Working together with hair which slightly wet might create it simpler as well. You can use tresses ties or videos to keep the parts as you create them.
  2. French braid each section of locks. Require help when you have a hard time French braiding the hair on your head. Two units of hands may help increase the process. According to exactly how many parts you determine to braid, this could take several hours, so you could value the help and organization.
    • In case your braid is thicker than a half inch, you need to point down your hair in smaller widths. A braid that is too thick will only achieve wavy hair. Make smaller chapters of stronger braids to give yourself the fullest afro feasible.
  3. Damp your own hair again thereby applying styling item. A volumizing mousse or environment cream will help to develop firm, lasting curls.
    • To simplify this step, you could make a solution of 20% setting lotion or gel and 80per cent liquid and saturate the braids utilizing the solution.
  4. Cover the hair with a satin scarf until dry.
    • Start with wet or moist hair before going to sleep, and you will be prepared complete your afro when you get up each morning.
    • If you do not would you like to wait, you should use a locks dryer to dry the braids faster.
  5. Get rid of the braids. Make sure the braids tend to be totally dried out prior to taking all of them away. If your locks appears tangled, use a moisturizer like shea or coconut butter on continuing to be braids to make the remaining portion of the process much easier.
  6. Tousle the hair together with your fingers. When you have long hair, fold over and let the fat of tresses and gravity help the procedure. Your own hair should appear way more curly than before.
  7. Divide each one of the six or eight areas into four individual areas with a fine-toothed comb. Try this one section at the same time. Producing smaller sections to backcomb will develop greater volume than larger chunks of tresses.
  8. Backcomb (tease) each one of the four parts of hair carefully unless you reach your desired afro. Use a fine-toothed brush and brush the hair carefully through the tip into the scalp to separate the hairs from the area. This can create tangles into the locks that give your afro much more volume. Repeat until hair has the desired fullness.
    • Do not use way too much pressure when backcombing. That you do not desire hair to break.
  9. Set with styling item if required. Just a little hairspray is all you'll want to hold your afro in position. You can carry a pick comb around to help keep your afro detangled and seeking fabulous wherever you go.

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  • Do I have to cut my tresses to go natural?

    wikiHow factor

    Yes if you had previously permed your own hair. As your hair expands with time, you can get "new growth", which is the locks nearest towards head, which has you all-natural hair texture. Ccut the hair which includes recently been permed (this is the hair which away from your scalp) a little bit at the same time until your normal textured grows back once again to the required length.

  • The length of time could be the optimum locks size you'll have for this to genuinely work? We have 26-inch-long locks, and I also know i shall need certainly to cut it, but I don't would you like to cut it too much.

    Just cut a few inches. Really, there is no need to cut any one of it in the event that you create your braids truly, really tight.

  • Basically performed the braid Afro, the length of time would it not take for it to check normal once again?

    Hinges on the hair on your head surface. If you are white, it'll last for about everyday. If you are black, it will continue for around three days.

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