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Ngozi Opara wearing Heat Free Hair PinkBy Portia of

Heat-free Hair Creator Ngozi Opara

It’s no secret that normal hair community is probably the biggest it has previously been now. Social media sites eg Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest tend to be filled with normal sistas and their particular manes. Inspirational locks pictures are every where. You will find ladies who tend to be attracting huge number of supporters on social networking sites because of their hair. Natural hair amongst black colored women has actually really become a movement that could perhaps result in record books someday.

But normal tresses alone isn’t really the only occurrence that seemingly have everyone’s interest. The “natural locks weave” is making a pretty huge impression regarding natural tresses community and. The debate on hair weaves has been in existence so long as hair weaves have been in existence. Some ladies hate all of them, some females love them. Some utilize locks weaves as a method of protective styling. While others simply like to change up their look without having to manipulate their own valuable strands. Having said that, normal locks weaves are different. These weaves seem like the all-natural tresses that’s developing out of your head if your wanting to relax, flat iron, curl etc.

We’ve all seen curly weaves but sometimes, the hair that is made use of does not blend well with African United states locks. You need to do a great deal manipulation towards leave out tresses that you wind up damaging it in the act. The hair that is utilized for natural looking hair weaves is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

There likely have already been times when you’ve been scrolling through social networking admiring someone’s tresses, not knowing that they’re in fact wearing an one half wig or weave that looks like it is 100% theirs. Ladies who are seeking natural tresses inspiration also can’t inform the essential difference between the all-natural searching locks weave and genuine natural hair. There was even a comment under a photograph that read “the woman tresses is stunning, but who knows if it is genuine with these natural weaves nowadays.”

Untitled-51So right here’s the big question: Should natural locks gurus, on social media sites, inform their supporters they are wearing a weave or wig?

Founder, Ngozi Opara, associated with popular normal locks expansion brand name temperature totally free Hair has been in hair attention business for 11 many years. She began the woman organization in 2012 after she ended up being tired of having the girl clients started to the woman studio with temperature damaged hair simply because they had been wanting to blend their particular tresses along with their weaves or wigs. Opara wished transitioning women having an alternative that permitted all of them to put on a protective style without having to compromise the fitness of their particular tresses. Ladies required hair that appeared as if their very own.

Heat totally free Hair will come in multiple gorgeous hair designs. Designs consist of 3B-4C in wefted hair, closures, clip-ins and wigs. Their particular “For Kurls” range is their many required texture and it also ranges from 3c-4a. The different designs alone are great for females who will be transitioning, require a protective design, or just desire to change-up their hair but nonetheless get it blend using their very own. Heat totally free Hair acts in the same way your natural hair does. You'll set it with curlers, bantu knots, twists, braids and rods. You can also strike it. Finally, a hair extension line that suits black colored ladies and has their utmost interest at heart.

When it comes to big concern, Opara will not believe it's essential for females to declare that they’re putting on extensions.

“i do believe it’s crucial that you go through the intent behind the individual, ” stated Opara.

“I don’t believe any person is obligated to disclose whatever they do using their tresses. One of several great things about the natural locks neighborhood may be the determination to share with you this kind of information to encourage and encourage others, but sharing is recommended and not an obligation. I believe frequently men and women place most increased exposure of some one else’s journey which they don’t concentrate sufficient by themselves. If one thing is stunning let it be breathtaking, but to belittle it as it “could be fake” tends to make no good sense in my experience. Now, if somebody is lying and saying its real when it’s maybe not then that is different because their particular intention would be to mislead.”

Most will trust Opara. Weaves, wigs and extensions are enjoyable, flexible, and safety. Nobody should ever need share such a thing about their tresses if they don’t need, because it really is no one’s concern. But what takes place when ladies wear the “natural searching” extensions, purposefully deceive other individuals into believing it’s their particular hair and gain notoriety with regards to their natural hair although it isn’t their very own?

Opara believes that you have actually any right in addition you are wearing a weave or wig.

“If men and women ask, then it's my hope that you would tell the truth, but there is however no unspoken hair responsibility so that you could disclose if you are using a weave, ” she said.

Exactly what are your thinking on this motion? Should ladies who deliberately deceive their particular audience confess? Or is it really no one’s business?

Portia is a wife and mama just who enjoys making things and individuals look pretty! As a graduate of Rowan University, Portia has actually an insatiable craving for all-natural locks, beauty, and fashion, but she additionally enjoys traveling and interior decor. If you’d always know more about the lady, check out the woman weblog at

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