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a photo of three black males from Jamaica with dreadlocks in long undercut hairstylesOne thing that i enjoy about having this site is when I get emails from readers informing me about their particular man buns and how they’ve already been developing their particular locks long. In the end, having a man bun is not almost placing a bun on the mind; it’s a lot more than that. Having a guy bun is akin to a kind of life style; a lifestyle of maybe not giving a damn about rules and marking your road to follow. The manbun lifestyle will be welcomed left and correct plus component, through this modest website, therefore I’m glad to see you folks joining our forces.

Got dreadlocks? Then consider the man bun hairstyle

Just like utilizing the man bun hairstyle, the dreadlocks hairstyle appears to be re-surfacing these days in mainstream culture and re-gaining its popularity from back in the 1990s. Since a good amount of guys are developing their manes long to put on topknots and manbuns, some of them may also be choosing to opt for the locked-and-knotted hairstyling strategy consequently they are thus getting their natural manes into dreadlocks. Be it white dudes or black dudes, the dreadlocks hairstyle has become a trendy hairstyle again in 2015 and 2016.

I would personally never be saying this when we weren’t getting decidedly more and more barbershop customers into our barbershop seeking suggestions to follow to develop their locks very long to get it secured and in the end place their dreadlocks in a person bun hairstyle. Keep Reading →

About this morning with had among our brand new barbershop customers a black colored guy with a man bun dreadlock. Today, as a person bun dude myself, I’ve seen dreadlock guy buns recently and a percentage of our barbershop customers are black colored men whom we encourage to develop their particular manes long and into man buns if they reveal desire for the hairstyle (all things considered, nearly every barber at our barbershop wears a bro bun therefore we’re somewhat biased because of this hair style!).

After through the above, the sight of a black colored guy with long hair and particularly with long dreadlocks is becoming progressively typical. Black dudes have started to knock-down the entire “you can’t grow black colored hair lengthy” misconception that I’ve hear plenty times in all these many years as a barber from black colored guys (and black colored females also). Believe me, black colored men can develop their hair very long as any white man or Asian guy can also. Keep Reading →

A barbershop picture of an epic manbun hairstyle with braids design on some guy with long blond tresses

At our barbershop, every once in a bit we shall find some uncommon haircut requests or some “intriguing” hairstyle ideas. My barber staff and I also are recognized for cutting the BS of this hairstyle world that many guys tend to be brainwashed into and thus we talk straight to the point with your customers.

In the event that you enter into my barbershop informing myself exactly how pretty David Beckham looks along with his brand new side swept hairstyle and just how you’d want to have their hairstyle even if you have thick curly hair, well, chances are that I’m probably break your hairstyle ambitions by stating the obvious: the hairstyles of David Beckham are not possible with wild hair (and so much more the mythical part swept hairstyle). I'll say it well to you, don’t misunderstand me; but I'll state it. But, what’s even better, I will provide some cool, fashionable and epic hairstyle and haircut options that one-hundred percent match your tresses kind and appear. My task should allow you to look your best, not to you will need to allow you to be a cheap replica of whatever celebrity is regarding news nowadays.

A braided man bun?

Today, after having published above my attitude to unreal hairstyles that often our consumers visited our barbershop with, it’s time and energy to wow you-all, myself included. We’ve been getting needs for braided man bun hairstyles. Yep, that’s right, not just your run-of-the-mill manbun utilizing the text book bun placed on the vertex. Nope, that’s also easy and dull for a few dudes. How about a freaking “braided” man bun design? Read On →

A picture of a white man with lengthy dreadlocks before tying them into a manbun hairstyleOne the simplest way to fully visualize a hairstyle as a barber is to understand hairstyle from all angles. In fact, this exact same practice normally incredibly ideal for people attempting to get one hairstyle or perhaps the other (or one haircut or even the various other). That’s the reason why, if you come to my barbershop, you will notice our own hairstyle photo book with haircuts portrayed in different angles (we usually do four perspectives per haircut). The exact same is true of all the hairstyles that we in addition do, however it’s mostly haircuts that our barbershop consumers ask united states for.

Another good way to see how a hairstyle appearance is by seeing it on the average joe, a frequent guy. Not merely one of these good looking male design dudes or celebrity men who're enthusiastic about by themselves and just with on their own (Oh, hi, Zayn Malik and Jared Leto). You’ve gotta see the hairstyle on a dude that is equally unsightly (or not much-more good looking) than your self. Therefore, we dig it whenever we get images of our site’s visitors. Keep Reading →

As someone who is a barber, features a man bun and uses their virtually non-existent leisure time to keep this manbun-focused site, i must say that I like the guy bun hairstyle. I’ve currently explained the benefits of this hairstyle in my man bun tutorial as I carry on to generally share the ease of having your long hair secured tightly in a bun and just how the person bun in and of itself is very the visual male hairstyle. Therefore, i simply couldn't “put down” or criticize any man bun; it goes against my character. Well, that was until now. Continue reading →

As the guy bun is a global hairstyle, it may definitely be modified to one’s very own tastes and tastes. A man bun is simply a bun this is certainly put on the vertex area of the mind (for example. the top), although even it is positioning can be relocated about regarding mind (greater or lower) like in the situation regarding the reasonable guy bun hairstyle!

As a barber which also has a guy bun, I have many concerns from my barbershop consumers about getting a person bun and about growing tresses very long. I’ve gone so far as publishing a well known guy bun hairstyle guide which have all the details that you need to have regarding guy bun and which also variations upon the different types of manbuns. So, considering that the manbun is a hairstyle that departs a lot to the imagination, I would like to today devote this guide that you are reading to covering all of the types of guy buns.

These are the 7 main types of man buns for men:

  • Full man bun
  • Semi man bun
  • Ponybun
  • Low guy bun
  • Large man bun
  • Guy bun undercut
  • Guy bun taper slice

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