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How to take care of natural hair?

I became 12 yrs old initially We relaxed my tresses. During the time, I was gonna a big part Black college and I was mostly of the girls who still had natural tresses. Many days we stumbled on class with my locks thrown into a haphazard ponytail or my 'little woman' pigtails and — you guessed it — we hated we. I became young, impressionable, and it also ended up being just one more thing that made myself uncool, yet another thing that made me personally various.

I do not keep in mind which brought it very first — myself or my mother — but before I knew it, I happened to be at the beauty salon getting a relaxer. Couple of hours later I appeared an innovative new girl: One with long, streamlined, straight locks.

Easily'm being totally honest, having relaxed hair wasn't that awful: i did not get burns off, my locks didn't fall out, and it wasn't difficult to handle. My stylist said that due to my looser curl pattern, we just needed to strike the salon as soon as every half a year for an impression up, compared to friends whom went every few weeks. To this day, i believe this lady professional advice is really what spared my hair from really serious damage — anymore chemical treatments plus it could have been a unique tale.

We lived 10 long many years with a relaxer. Once I turned 22 I attempted to free myself nonetheless it wasn't simple (more about that later). Annually later, after a humid NYC summer and a burgeoning quarter-life crisis, I made the decision to get a pixie slice. But In addition got a relaxer to make it "easier." It had beenn't until I switched 24 that I was eventually able to get rid.

In 5 years that i am normal, I recognized that my comfortable tresses encounter — without as bad as some horror tales you have heard — was somewhat ridiculous. It had been laziness at the best, and at worst? An inability to accept personal pure beauty. Now, I don't admonish women that decide to relax their tresses. Really, would you! Wear a weave, get braids, develop it, shave it, perm it, any. But also for me, I did it because i desired to fit right in, after that kept it because I was too sluggish to know about myself. In my own defense, there isn't a lot of information on all-natural tresses when I ended up being a teenager, and there weren't numerous Black women using their locks natural to-draw determination from.

Today, Everyone loves my normal hair. But that does not mean that going all-natural had been easy. In reality, there are many items that I wish I understood prior to going all-natural, that we was sharing ahead. Ideally it could guide those who are wanting to transition by themselves — or even those only interested in learning the options. And those who are already natural? You may relate to my trip.

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