Natural Hair No-Heat Curls

Natural hair techniques

Double Braids normal hair_wmMost naturals have SHRINKAGE, occasionally it is moderate and quite often it is extreme. And even though shrinkage serves numerous good purposes, sometimes we simply want to showcase our length without using heat. Here are four practices i take advantage of showing down more length, and never having to apply heat to my hair:

Dual Braids

On days when I’m lazy busy also desire to stretch my tresses, i really do two jumbo braids on previously hydrated tresses. The braided pigtails help extend my hair overnight incorporating a bit more size, with very little energy. Additionally it is an instant method to hold my tresses included while I sleep, which reduces tangles.

bantu knot normal hair_wmBantu Knots

Another quick means I stretch my hair without temperature has been bantu knots. I really do 2-4 jumbo bantu knots and allow them to set in a single day. In the morning, We have stretched locks with really loose waves. I’ve additionally found that the ‘jumbo bantu knot’ strategy adds extra volume on hair. Therefore, whenever I’m interested in both additional volume and length, I go for this method. Once more, it's usually done on tresses which was formerly moisturized a day or two prior to. Re-wetting or re-moisturizing hair increases shrinkage. You might want to forgo re-wetting or re-moisturizing straight away before carrying this out will minimize shrinkage.

banding normal locks


Utilizing small locks connections, I band my hair to stretch while increasing size. This method often takes the longest it is additionally a reasonably fast way to boost size without temperature. This is done on dry, moisturized tresses. Or, you can test it on freshly washed hair.

Braidout vs. Twistout

One of favorite designs may be the braidout. Not merely perform some results frequently turn-out better, braidouts also add extra length that twistouts don’t. My typical braidouts are done making use of 8-12 braids utilizing a moisturizer and a shea butter-based sealant. So, if you’re selecting a mode that shows off your length, decide to try performing a braidout as opposed to a twistout.

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