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Heat free styles for relaxed hair

Sometimes, it be like that.

There is lots of help for girls transitioning from relaxers, but I can’t totally recognize with regards to battles. I needed to get this done post to support the women who possess been able to prevent the creamy crack, but overdosed on heat. Transitioning in a brand new crop of tresses from the temperature damaged stuff may be difficult, irritating, and discouraging. Ideally this post will shed some light and provide some help.

————————————————–My scalp is schizophrenic.

I know someone on the market knows the absolute disappointment of having numerous hair designs taking place, particularly in that transition from heat damaged to 100percent healthy hair. Somewhere within my heat harm, brand-new development, and my scalp’s own identification crisis, We have about 4 textures going on within my head. Each texture likes to annoy myself in its very own unique small means — my super right left part won't obviously curl, my right-side forms perfect ringlets (but causes my tresses look lopsided, juxtaposed resistant to the left), leading of my locks loves to wave as opposed to curl…and my crown has a mind of the super-coarse very own. With that said, i've discovered that the “n’ go” section of a wash n’ go is truly a no-go in my situation.

As I have invested the final 6 approximately months transitioning from self-inflicted heat harm (perhaps not my proudest moments), I have followed a styling routine that allows me to coddle and gradually cut my heat damaged ends while playing to my hair’s skills. Occasionally, we also choose for a mode that offers me a sense of pattern uniformity. A successful heat harm change rests upon understanding the after aspects of the hair on your head:

  • In case the hair is heat damaged, your initial curl/texture will not get back, whatever you are doing. Whenever hair is heat damaged, the protein frameworks in it tend to be melted – irreversibly. This is different from calm tresses, in which straightness is accomplished through a breaking, inflammation, and realignment of bonds within the cortex of hair itself.
  • While not chemically changed, temperature damaged locks continues to be weaker than your typical, healthier tresses. In my own modest viewpoint, heat damaged tresses can be slightly stronger than relaxed hair. (please be aware that is just my estimation, in relation to my personal findings of my temperature damage vs. those i am aware with relaxers). This is not to state which you have approval to treat your heat damage any ol’ variety of means, but way more your possibilities for size retention in a successful transition are more inclined to happen if the proper steps are taken.
  • Not absolutely all hairstyles tend to be intended for heat damage transitioners. Follow exactly what seems great you, and exactly what your hair reacts best to. That’s the ultimate way to preserve sanity along the ride. Only a little further down in this article, I’ll discuss just what types have but not struggled to obtain myself.
  • Handle your textures differently. My healthier brand-new tresses calls for more moisture and heavier sealing compared to the temperature damaged material does. Consequently, I’ll moisturize with my leave-in squirt and seal with something hefty, like Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl improving Smoothie. My heat damaged tresses has actually a finer surface, and I will get away with leave-in squirt and aloe vera.

Now that we have set the foundation for understanding temperature damaged tresses, let’s move on to the fun part: styling!

I have tried many styles – some with success, others with complete failure. But hey, that is the training curve. When I pointed out formerly, some designs never look good on heat damaged hair. Those styles in my situation were:

  1. Mini-Twists: Heat harm tresses has a tendency to have a tapering result. Hair closest towards scalp is typically the thickest, and parts have smaller and smaller while you have nearer to the finishes associated with tresses. Mini-twists left me personally experiencing like my tresses was thinner than it really was.
  2. Chunky Braids: Because of the tapering effect talked about, chunky braids never ever struggled to obtain myself. Not forgetting my tresses is layered, and braids would become progressively smaller the closer i got eventually to my face.
  3. Chunky Twists: previously observe just how healthy, all-natural tresses “stays put” typically, if it is turned… completely towards the stops (a’ la Naptural85)? Temperature destroyed hair, really about my heat damaged tresses, sometimes unravel at stops – forcing us to make use of scrunchies. This might be good for a night-time set to get cute waves for the following time, but as a method it doesn’t benefit me. I'm a full-time Director for a Non-Profit Program. Perambulating with multicolored scrunchies is certainly not in my cards.

Designs that do work with temperature damaged tresses, that combination, conceal, or maximize my numerous textures were:

Bantu Knot-Outs

I covered that one not long ago, and you will catch-all the step-by-step guidelines right here. Certain, they’re a pain to sleep in, nevertheless trouble pales when compared with the precious awesome tight (or very free, depending on how large your knots are) ringlets you emerge with. Perfect camouflage for several textures — it stretches my even more shrink-prone textures while offering definition to my straighter part.


Braid outs are probably the smallest amount of complicated of all the prep practices, and certainly will produce such a thing from tiny crinkles to mild waves, based on just how small tend to be big your braids tend to be. Simply prep together with your preferred moisturizing product(s), braid, cover, and undo the next morning!

Flat Twists

Admittedly, Im nonetheless trying to learn this one. Since level twisting is like cornrows (with two bits of locks rather than three), I just about draw at it. Even with my sub-par twisting skills, we are able to find some great, cooperative curly waves all over, alternatively on only 1/4 of my mind.

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