How to curl relaxed hair WITHOUT heat?

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Process 1

Blow-Drying with Cool Air
  1. Towel-dry the hair after showering. Carefully pat the hair with a towel until its not any longer leaking. Once your tresses is merely damp and not leaking, you can use a blow-dryer to dry it totally.
  2. Blow-dry your hair with cool environment. This method should work with frizzy and curly hair. If the tresses remains stubborn, combine this technique with a differnt one, such making use of a hair mask or serum, to see better results. Using your tresses dryer's cool environment, start blow drying out the hair a section at a time. Use a set paddle brush to brush it out in long, straight shots while you contain the tresses dryer around the part. Keep drying the hair inside manner until it really is completely dry and right.
    • Because you aren't utilizing temperature, the blow-drying procedure will need more than typical. Show patience and want to spend up to an hour blow-drying hair.
    • You are able to blow-dry your hair in front of an admirer, in place of tiring out your arm with a hair dryer. Sit in front side of the lover and employ the level paddle brush to clean the hair until it's straight and dry.
  3. Style the hair. Smooth anti-frizz serum into the dry hair to help keep it smooth, right and shiny. Maintain your hair in a minimal, free ponytail if you want to put it up. Placing it in a bun or braid will leave creases inside locks, which makes it appear wavy.

Process 2

Applying a Straightening Mask
  1. Purchase a straightening mask. This method should work for very frizzy and wild hair, you must make use of the mask 1-2 times weekly to see results. A straightening hair mask can weigh frizz and curls down, and they are perhaps one of the most suggested items for straightening stubborn hair. Even if a mask isn’t promoted especially for straightening tresses, if it guarantees to lessen frizz and moisturize tresses, it will probably support your own hair in becoming straight.
  2. There are many refreshing concoctions you are able to in your own home, including a honey and milk hair mask. Lemon juice and coconut milk also make an excellent straightening locks mask.
    • There are limitless mask meals, so try out different masks until you find one you probably like.
    • Let the mask sit in the hair on your head for just one time.
    • Clean the hair afterwards.
  3. Image titled Straighten Your Hair Without Heat action 5 Use the mask one-two times a week. Whether you determine to use a shop bought or homemade mask, use it a few times a week for at least a few months to see results. You could utilize it more frequently, nevertheless might exposure stripping your own hair of important essential oils. Once a week is enough.

Method 3

Making Use Of Straightening Items
  1. Use straightening hair care and conditioner. This will help hair that is somewhat wavy or curly become straighter. Combatting the all-natural frizz and curl of tresses with straightening shampoo and conditioner is a superb way to get naturally straight locks without using heat. Straightening hair shampoos and conditioners have greater amounts of silicones, polymers, also ingredients to fight curls and frizz.
    • There are lots of great hair shampoos on the market today that help reduce frizz, detangle locks, and straighten curls.
    • Wash hair with the shampoo and conditioner every 2-3 days.
    • Initial hair care you take to cannot work best together with your locks, and attempting various brands can be essential.
  2. Utilize straightening serum. Serums can help alleviate frizzy hair but may not work with really kinky tresses. Utilize the serum once a week so that you can see outcomes. These serums have silicone polymer compounds that secure moisture, combat frizz, and smooth hair. Buy a smoothing, straightening locks serum, thereby applying it while the hair is damp after showering. Massage the item into your locks for a few minutes after each clean.
    • Uniformly distribute the serum during your hair.
    • Maintain your hands going in order to avoid putting a lot of serum within one area.
    • Use a dime-sized amount of serum. Use more if for example the locks is thick.
  3. Brush the hair completely with a wide enamel brush or brush. When you have curly hair, utilizing an extensive enamel comb or brush is better as it can help relieve frizz and detangle your own hair. Do that daily to be able to see outcomes, and always brush after cleansing the hair and applying serum.Image titled Straighten the hair Without Heat Step 6 Some combs tend to be even infused with essential essential oils to add shine.
    • It's also advised you clean your own hair sporadically until it’s dry.
    • Brush through your whole locks about every five full minutes.
    • It can take around ninety mins for hair to dried out, therefore have patience.

Process 4

Moving Your Hair
  1. Clean and problem your hair. This technique should work on kinky hair, you must roll your hair weekly to see outcomes. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner made for straightening tresses, and steer clear of products which are designed to define curls. Products for "oily" hair usually consist of ingredients which make locks frizzy, so skip those aswell. Towel dried out the hair until its quite wet, not leaking.
  2. Roll the hair on your head in curlers. Magnetized curlers work best for the intended purpose of straightening; the larger the curlers, the greater. Working a section at a time, put hair across the curlers so your hair is curled under, without up. Perform until your locks is rolled up in curlers.
    • Try to result in the rows of curlers consistent, to ensure your tresses will flow in identical course whenever you take them out.
    • Ensure that your locks remains wet for the process. Wet it with a spray bottle if it starts to dry up.
  3. Apply a setting lotion or foam. Establishing creams and foams assist your own hair dry right without getting frizzy. They don't keep an oily residue or weigh down hair. Apply a foam liberally to your tresses after it is rolled up in curlers.
  4. Allow the hair dried out. Either allow the hair air-dry or strike it dried out with the cold setting in your hair drier. Never take your curlers out until your own hair is completely dry, which might simply take several hours.
  5. Release the hair from curlers. Remove the curlers and comb-out your own hair. It must continue to have human anatomy, but it would be relatively straight. Style as always, avoiding updos that may place a crease in your tresses and cause it to look wavy.

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Issues Need

  • Straightening shampoo and conditioner
  • A store-bought or do-it-yourself tresses mask
  • Broad enamel brush
  • Straightening serum
  • 20-50 flexible tresses bands
  • Brush
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