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See a stylist for relaxer application. - George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty photographsUpdated .

is the best obtainable, which cuts will most flatter that person and how to care for the hair on a regular basis.

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is yet another risky relaxer move.

Consistently applying straightening chemicals to formerly processed hair at some point trigger harm, damage and feasible permanent hair loss. Even if you must apply your personal relaxers, have actually a trusted buddy help you with back chapters of the hair whenever possible. Even better, however, save those pennies to see a stylist with this task. Even More »

down your back, well-moisturized stops are nevertheless crucial, as they fit into a complete healthier tresses. This isn't to express that the mane always has to be up-and away from sight; in the end, for those who have lengthy, healthier, straightened locks, element of appreciating all of them is showing them off, right? However, if you begin to see that your particular ends appear drier and/or are searching even worse for wear, after that incorporate more protective styles into your regular appearances. More »

Overprocessed tresses. - Michael Sugrue/The Image Bank/Getty photographs A bun is a protective design. - PeopleImages.com/Digital Vision/Getty Graphics

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