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Relaxed Hairstyles without heat

Modern tools makes it easier than ever before to get almost any hairdo it is possible to come up with, but you need to use your styling resources wisely to prevent damaging your hair. Curling irons succeed simple to produce curls, exactly what if heat damage is a problem for you? You can abuse thermal styling tools, and for that reason, your tresses will suffer. As opposed to achieving for the curling metal the next time you desire a curly hairstyle, attempt these gentler techniques alternatively.

Observe that in the event your locks is long and/or thick, some indirect heat in the form of a hood or bonnet dryer will speed-up drying out time without damage.

Magnetic rollers are a great method to produce heat-free curls. - Stockbyte/Royalty-free Getty Images

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Like pin curls, you don't hear much about cloth curls anymore, and that is a shame because this is yet another cheap but efficient curling technique. All that's necessary are old, clean towels which you have at home. Have a classic tee-shirt that you're planning throw out? Never get it done - it is a perfect curl-maker.

What you need to do is put a cloth, about 12 inches long, at the conclusion of an element of hair, roll it and link the finishes for the cloth in place. In the event that you just desire curly stops, end wrapping midway within the locks shaft; usually, cloth roll into head for allover curls.

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