WEN Hair Care Product Review

Wen for relaxed hair

This can be a concern that keeps coming to me from nearly all my clients.

Just about everyone has seen the infomercials and adverts about WEN, saying that it's good-for all tresses kinds. An integral feature of WEN’s concept (similar to co-washing) is clean and problem hair every on top of that by using one product doing both.

Really, I am happy to supply my estimation centered on my a long time of experience using the unique characteristics of afro-textured tresses. If you're knowledgeable about my study, you know that mostly our hair is naturally extremely dry. As a result, we must hydrate our locks daily to avoid breakage that outcomes from dried out, brittle locks.

After reviewing the WEN products and total concept, my OPINION is that WEN items don’t provide enough daily dampness to satisfy the requirements of our extremely dry tresses kind. Also, in my opinion in shampooing to clean and take away accumulation of daily maintenance items.

Once again, this really is only my “two cents” according to my significantly more than 20 years of study and item design to address the precise faculties and prolonged wellness of afro-textured hair.

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