Urban Short Haircuts

Urban short Haircuts

What’s the upkeep like?

Plan on going to your beauty salon every 6–8 weeks for a trim, recommended Alissa Murphy of Chicago’s Urban Lift Salon, who was our short-hair guru for this article.

Does it need styling each and every day?

Just up to you want. “It simply lays indeed there. You simply have to wash-and-wear it, ” stated stylist Angela Demkiv within our breakdown of time-saving seems. Provided that it's done skillfully, “you don’t must place any services and products in it.”

On simpler end, you could consider finger-combing a detangler or anti-frizz serum using your tresses to keep it looking polished. Harder styling might add pinning back sections and curling other people.

Baby tips: the long bob

If you’re tinkering with quick hairstyles, it's your in-between stage: too short becoming considered very long, a long time becoming a bob. The “lob” hovers between jaw size together with the surface of the arms, as our plumped for look does. We think it’s great as it’s fresh and easy yet flexible adequate for ponytails, braids, and curls.

The long bob is perfect for any person who’s testing the short-hair seas. We recommend echoing our choice’s longer layers and thinned-out stops, which add activity and dimension. It seems good on virtually every face shape, hair surface, and age group.

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