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African American Wigs with bangs

2A few days far from 2017, and several sibling wish a new shape, but don't know very well what types of new-year is going to be preferred style, today we are going to bring a number of 2017 are well-known african american wigs, short hair have long hair, as you can chop up pals.

Side short hair, micro-hot design makes fluffy more fluffy three-dimensional, the general level of african us wigs is more plentiful, so that the small cousin also can you will need to hair. The brown hair manner good sense, and does not appear exaggerated unanticipated, in the new year for such a brief tresses could be the united states of america and US da.

Style 2
Easy wave tresses short hair tips see have become sweet, with oblique bangs and tresses on both sides associated with changed face, african united states wigs generate a great little face, and brown tresses shade choice, not just result in the form be more fashionable, and result in the epidermis look White and tender.

Design 3
Thin bangs plus horizontal Alice design, african american wigs instantly boost the style feeling, although the sibling features even more personality charm, followed closely by quick multi-level pruning, and with a few micro-volume, pretty incredible.

Two-eighths bangs with long hair temples changed face, african united states wigs behind the ears after adding fluffy feeling, but also Bang Bang da. The colour associated with the tresses color is maroon liner, with no exaggeration, it is possible to allow the sibling do low-key style beauty.

3 1

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