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Best Wigs for Black women

Lace-front wigs tend to be an unfortunate staple for some black colored females. Lace fronts tend to be an instant fix, they shield one’s own hair from damage, if applied precisely supply the look of a normal hairline.

However, you can find severe health problems involving this design choice that deflate all conveniences.

By way of example, maintain the wig positioned, the lace has got to be used round the edges and nape regarding the neck with either adhesive or extremely harmful glue. The use of either may cause hair thinning, infection and skin discoloration.

Apart from those dangers, aesthetically, lace fronts usually fall short of achieving a polished look.

There are numerous photographs circulating on the Internet of women we adore with embarrassing glue markings, hairlines hovering only above their eyebrows and completely unnatural appearances.

Listed below are eight celebrity women who we encourage to abandon lace fronts for more healthy, better searching style choices.

picture: Beyonce Now Photo: Beyonce Now


Whenever you are a high-profile singer like Beyonce, locks imitation pas aren't good-for business. The woman puckered skin from glue around her temples, illustrated inside photo, seems quite painful. It’s in addition an embarrassing reason behind the woman fans to keep in mind her performance.

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